BG3 Paladin class specific Item Sets - Paladin Equipment (2024)

In this guide, we will look at the Paladin-specificgear available in Baldur’s Gate 3. These are items that specifically buff the Paladin class, and are great to obtain if you have a Paladin Build in your party, whether to improve your build or just for roleplay purposes.

We’ll also explain how to obtain each of these items, should you want to make use of them in your playthrough. If you want more ideas for your Paladin, then check out our paladin Builds:

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Table of Contents:

  • Blackguard’s Sword
  • Armour of Devotion
  • Gloves of Heroism
  • Helmet of Smiting

Blackguard’s Sword

The best sword for the Paladin class is the Blackguard’s Sword. This is a Longsword, which means you can either wield the weapon two-handed or combine it with a Shield.

The Blackguard’s Sword has a couple of features that set it apart from other weapons in BG3:

  • It deals 1-4 bonus Necrotic damage every time it hits an enemy. This is not a huge amount but extra damage is always helpful.
  • More importantly, it comes with the Dazing Smite feature. This will cause enemies you hit with a Smite spell to become Dazed, unless they pass a Constitution Saving Throw.

The Paladin Build makes quite heavy use of Smite spells to help augment its melee damage, so being able to apply the Dazed debuff while doing this is a great added feature. Dazed is a powerful debuff that prevents the victim from taking Reactions (including Opportunist Attacks), lowers their Armour Class, and gives them Disadvantage on Wisdom Saving Throws, which means this will synergise especially well with Wisdom spellcasters in your party, such as Clerics and Druids.

The Blackguard’s Sword can be looted from That Which Guards in the Murder Tribunal inside the Bhaalist Crypt. This is some way into Act III, so unfortunately you won’t be able to get this sword super early in the game.

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Armour of Devotion

The Armour of Devotion is a Heavy Armour chest piece that allows you to restore a Channel Oath Charge, once per Long Rest. This is handy to have, especially on Tactician difficulty where camping costs are doubled, making excessive Long Rests potentially troublesome.

The main drawback of the Armour of Devotion is that it has 18 Armour Class, which is quite mediocre for Heavy Armour. Other than its utility for the Paladin it doesn’t really offer you anything else. You’ll sooner or later find more powerful amour than this, you may want to carry the Devotion Armour around and only equip it to restore your Channel Oath Charge, then switch back to some other armour. This does mean you need to carry around a heavy item with you though, which could make inventory management a bit more annoying.

The Armour of Devotion can be purchased from Roah Moonglow in Moonrise Towers. While you can find her before that in the Shattered Sanctum, she won’t have this item for sale until she moves to Moonrise Towers, which happens when you progress to Act II.

Gloves of Heroism

The Gloves of Heroism allow you to buff yourself whenever you use your Channel Oath abilities. These replaced the Gloves of Succour, which were available in Early Access but are now believed to be unobtainable without using cheats or mods.

Using a Channel Oath Ability gives you the Heroism condition, a buff that makes you immune to being Frightened and also gives you 5 Temporary Hit Points per turn, while the buff lasts. These gloves also give you a +1 bonus to Strength Saving Throws, which is a handy extra and great for your BG3 Paladin Build.

You can find these gloves in Act I, so it’s definitely worth picking them up early in the game – they will last you for a long time until you find something better. Specifically, it’s found in a wooden chest inside the hidden room of the Tollhouse on the Risen Road (up the hill from where you first meet Karlach). To open the hidden room, you need to put weight on both of the thrones at the same time, either by making characters sit on them or placing objects on them.

Helmet of Smiting

The Helmet of Smiting is a great companion item to the Gloves of Heroism mentioned above, as it also gives you defensive buffs for using your Paladin abilities.

This time, you get Temporary Hit Points equal to your Charisma Modifier every time you apply a Condition with a Smite spell. These spells are:

As an extra bonus, you’ll also get a +1 modifier added to your Constitution Saving Throws.

If you have both the Helmet of Smiting and the Gloves of Heroism, you’ll be able to rack up a lot of Temporary HP in close combat with enemies, helping to make your Paladin Build an even stronger bulwark for your team, throwing out buffs, debuffs and heals in the process.

The Helmet of Smiting is found inside a Gilded Chest in the Selunite Outpost in Act I. This is the area you find yourself in when entering the Underdark via the Shattered Sanctum entrance.

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BG3 Paladin class specific Item Sets - Paladin Equipment (2024)


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