Euro 2024: Where was Kane? What's up with Bellingham? Is Southgate to blame? Your questions answered after England's missed chance (2024)

Your questions answered
  • Sports correspondent Rob Harris has answeredsome of your questions on England's performance against Denmark and their Euro 2024 campaign so far
  • Press play above to catch up on what he had to say on Harry Kane, Gareth Southgate, Jude Bellingham and whether England are overhyped
  • Abridged versions of his answers are also written up below if you're shorter on time


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Slow, tired and a lack of passion - here's our readers' thoughts on the England squad

After last night's disappointing draw, some of our readers seemed frustrated by a lack of passion from the England team.

Here's what some of you had to say...

When watching the Six Nations or the women's football team, they sing the national anthem with passion. The England men's football team don't. They show zero passion. How on earth do they expect to win with lack of passion?


Why do England fans automatically assume that England will win any competition they enter? Then the press build them up as unbeatable which makes the players think they only have to turn up to win.


Why is this a surprise to everyone? This is England's 11th time in the Euros and always "it's coming home". It never has!


An English manager hasn't won the Premier League for years. What makes the FA think that middle of the table managers are good enough for England. Guardiola for England


Why from the first minute did we look slow and tired? Every other team looks fitter and quicker. There was no press on opponents when they had the ball, and no movement when we had the ball in defence.

Barry f


'Create some excitement' - your thoughts on Southgate

A lot of the comments we received were about Gareth Southgate and his performance as England's manager.

It's fair to say most of them were on the negative side - here's a selection...

Why isn't Southgate seeing the same problems that everyone else is? This has been going on since the 2018 World Cup semi final. We have all the players at his disposal. The FA needs to step in now. His stubbornness is at the sacrifice of the nation.


Disgraceful again from Gareth Southgate! What instructions is he giving to these players? We have one of, if not the best, squads in the Euros and we are scraping past Serbia and then lucky to draw with Denmark. He definitely is not the man to be leading this squad. He needs to go.

Tom Palfreyman

Why is Southgate so defensive? We know the defence is the weak point. Why invite pressure on it? Just play to your attacking strengths, like Spain, and sacrifice stars for balance.


Why is Southgate still in charge? He is so negative and cost us the Euros last time around.

Barry H

With midfield not working, the team is crying out for a bit of energy from Cole Palmer and the calmness of Andy Wharton. Does Gareth Southgate not see this ?


Gareth says: "We've got to find a better way of playing." Gareth - you've had so long to get this right. Why has there been no improvement?

Gareth says: "Of course we need the fans." What about actually playing the fans? Create some excitement!

Rather bored actually


You the manager - here's what readers would do differently

Sports correspondent Rob Harris answered a selection of your questions earlier - but we had hundreds more comments and suggestions sent in.

Several readers had their own ideas about what they'd do if they were in Gareth Southgate's shoes... here's a few:

Why has the likes of Palmer and Gordon been left on the bench? Trippier should not be playing. Alexander-Arnold wants moving into defence and tell Kane to stay up front.


Is it time to switch to a 3-4-3 formation, allowing Trent to play on the right, Dec and Jude in the middle and Phil and Saka up top?


I'd put Foden on the right of midfield where he can link with Walker (who he plays with at City) and play balls through for Saka like Odegaard does at Arsenal. Then play and up and down winger on the left, probably Gordon. Southgate just can't see this, more focused on defence.


Even allowing for an unbalanced side, it's taking too long to make changes. Saka was ineffective, Kane should be able to stay up front all the time. Most demoralising from a fan's perspective was they looked lacklustre, as supposed top professionals couldn't do a 5-yard pass



Now it's time for your comments

Our sports correspondent Rob Harris has finished answering your questions, but so many of you got in touch with your thoughts about England's performance so far.

Stay tuned - we'll be bringing you some of the comments shortly.


Where was Kane and what's up with Bellingham?


Where was Kane's leadership on the field? What was up with Jude Bellingham last night? He seemed frustrated and unable to brush of decisions and tackles that didn't go his way. He's young but his frustration wasn't addressed by the captain at all.

Rob says...

There really is a sense that Kane could have helped to guide Bellingham a bit more on this stage as he starts to build up his tournament experience.

He really is starting to be part of this squad, and he is still only 20 years old, and he can be fatigued.

Bellingham has been played so much. This is his 103rd match in two seasons, and perhaps we are starting to see the impact of that.

Maybe he should be rested against Slovenia, knowing that affects our qualification.


How far away is Shaw from returning?


England's left side is a real problem. Our only left footer is Shaw. How far away is he from returning?

Rob says...

For once, England do have a left-footed player to occupy the left flank in Foden.

The key problem is at left back.

Southgate didn't risk bringing Ben Chilwell after managing just 13 Premier League appearances while suffering from hamstring and knee injuries last season.

So why include Luke Shaw? The group-stage finale against Slovenia now looks too soon for him.


Did Southgate actually speak to the team at half-time?

Linda Ralph:

Did Southgate actually speak to the team at half-time? If so, why didn't things change? Did the players just not listen?

Rob says...

That is a question often asked of a manager - what did they tell the players at half-time.

We used to hear from managers in tunnel interviews at the break of tournament matches. They're probably busy enough with media commitments now after matches and between them.

The only insight we have from half-time of last night's match is Kane indicating they addressed how to apply more pressure when the Danish players dropped deeper.

He revealed there was an attempt, along with Bellingham, to get in front of their midfielders.

But their goal threat was lacking in the second half. Then came the surprising sight of Kane being taken off with more than 20 minutes to go.


How should we organise our midfield?


How do we organise the midfield to get the best out of our key players?

Rob says...

Surely Trent Alexander-Arnold will not be seen in midfield again at these Euros?

Is it time for Kobbie Mainoo to slot in alongside Declan Rice after such an impressive breakthrough season at Manchester United.

Could Southgate veer from the 4-2-3-1 formation?

A 4-3-3 could create an opening for Conor Gallagher in a midfield trio with Rice and Bellingham.


Cole Palmer has scored so many goals this season - why isn't Southgate playing him?

Richard Drummond:

Why is Southgate not playing Cole Palmer, considering how many goals he's scored this season?

Rob says...

Leaving Manchester City has really paid off for Cole Palmer personally.

Of course, he's missed out on silverware, but Chelsea have helped him develop as a player amid all the mayhem at Stamford Bridge.

The 22-year-old was Premier League young player of the season with 22 goals and 11 assists.

Surely his creativity could have made an impact off the pitch against Serbia or Denmark? But he featured in neither.

Euro 2024: Where was Kane? What's up with Bellingham? Is Southgate to blame? Your questions answered after England's missed chance (2024)


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