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These 10 Haircuts Will be Everywhere This Summer

Take these inspo photos with you to the salon.

The start of anew seasonis the perfect time to try a new haircut. However, deciding on a new style can be difficult. With all the options available, finding one thatsuits your face shapeand hair texture can be overwhelming.

In order to wade through all the options, we spoke with three professional hairstylists for their take on the latest trends. Whether you’re craving abold changeor a subtle update, the top 10 trending haircuts for summer offer a spectrum of options to suit every taste and personality. From chic French bobs to effortless bouncy blowouts, this list will help you navigate through the endless hairstyle options.

Ahead, find the top ten trending haircuts for summer.

Featured experts

Raven Hurtado is a professional stylist
Laura Polko is a celebrity hairstylist
Valery Joseph is a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Valery Joseph Salons

French Girl Bob

The verdict is in: the French girl bob isthehaircut of the summer. Professional hair stylistRaven Hurtadois a fan. “[The style] is effortless yet timeless,” she says. “It sits above the shoulders right at the jawline.” Beyond that, she lauds its versatility—anyone can pull it off. Celebrity hairstylistLaura Polkois also a fan of the cut. She recommends styling with a little volumizing foam like theJohn Frieda Volume Lift Air-Whipped Foam($11). “Just scrunch it in and go,” she says. “It’s super simple and easy but also looks chic.”

Long Layers

From the famous “Rachel” shag to bouncy blowouts (more on that later), styles from the nineties remain just as fresh as they did a few decades back. If you are looking to refresh your look, long, layered cuts are relatively low lift. Plus, they offer endless styling opportunities. Polko loves this cut when pulled backin a ponytail. “When you put it up, your pony is still bouncy and cute,” she says.The Hair Edit Satin Braid Hair Ties($8) hold your entire mane back without slipping or tugging. She recommends this cut for medium-thicker hair.

Layered Curtain Bangs

Popularized by style icons like Bridgitte Bardot andJane Birkinin the 1960s, curtain bangs are the trend that just won’t quit. For a modern twist on this classic style, as seen here on Sabrina Carpenter, add a few layers to your fringe. “Layeredcurtain bangsare soft and long and easy to maintain,” says Hurtado, “Plus, these bangs can work on any hair type and soften up your features.”

If you are looking to try a fringe without too much maintenance, celebrity hairstylistValery Josephbelieves these bangs are perfect for you. “The grown-out bang is a longer version of a traditional curtain bang that looks lived in, while still blending effortlessly with the rest of the face,” he says.

To style, use a small round brush or curling iron to swoop under on each side. TheMane It’s Giving Body Thermal Round Brush($98) makes adding volume and bounce super easy.

Pamela Anderson–Inspired Updo

Another homage to the nineties,Pamela Anderson–inspired updos are one of the hottest looks for the summer months. “High,wispy updoswill trend into summer 2024,” says Furtado. File away for your summer weddings and special events.

To recreate the style for yourself, curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron like theBio Ionic Graphene Styling Curler($159). “Leave hair out around your face and tie your hair into a high ponytail, then take sections from the ponytail and pin. You can stretch to fluff out the bun for volume or addRPZL Clip In Pony Extension($150) for added fullness,” she says.

Bouncy Blowouts

Forget beach waves. Instead of ringlets,bouncy blowoutsare going to dominate Instagram feeds this summer. The trick to achieving J-Lo level volume? Polko recommends lots of layers. However, if you need a little extra oomph, Furtado suggests using a round brush or roller set like theTrademark Beauty Velcro Rollers($16). Any haircut can be blown out, but this style works best for mid to long hair.

Solid Side Part

If making a drastic change to your look is too out of your comfort zone this summer, never fear. Changing up your hairstyle is still possible, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. “Side parts are making a comeback,” says Joseph. Not only is this style easy to create on your own, but the side part can also elevate any look and is super versatile. Plus, according to Joseph, it looks great on all face shapes.

Kitty Cut

If the “wolf cut” is a little too edgy for you, think of thekitty cutas a more reasonable, lower maintenance alternative. “It’s the longer and conservative version with a lighter texture,” she says, “Plus, this style is also great on anyone who’s growing out their shaggy style or bangs.”

To style this cut, you can wear it up, play around with texture by doing loose curls using a styling wand or curling iron, or wear it natural.

Modern French Twist

A classic French twist is known for its polished style, however, the modern versions are a little more casual. In fact, Polko loves the way it looks with your natural texture. “The undone hair kind of effortlessly thrown up works on any hair type, and we’re going to be seeing a lot this summer,” she says. To recreate at home, keep thescünci unbreakable Oval Open Center Flat Lay Clip($7) on hand to secure the style all day long. Also nice: This clip can be kept in the messiest handbag without snapping or breaking.

Embracing Texture

Calling all low-maintenance ladies. Forget polished, fussy ‘dos. This summer, relaxed, effortless hairstyles and cuts are trending. Polko recommends embracing your natural texture—curls, waves, flyaways and all.

One way to do this? Thewet hair look. This style is achieved with a high-shine product like a gel or mousse. Our beauty team loves theCeremonia Pequi Medium Hold Styling Hair Gel($24). Joseph recommends finishing with a shine spray for that radiance boost.

Butterfly Cut

If you have scrolled social media recently, thebutterfly cuthas probably made its way onto your feed. “A butterfly cut is a flirty and fun haircut for long hair. It combines shorter layers at the top and longer layers at the bottom of the hair for tons of movement and dimension,” explains Joseph.

The shorter layers up top provide tons of natural volume while the variety of lengths flatter most face shapes. Plus, it works on any texture of hair.

If you want to try the nineties supermodel look, pair a blow dryer with a round brush and pay special attention to the roots.

New Beauty June 6, 2024 - Maxine Salon (2024)


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