Review: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 5 Episode 8 and Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2024)

"Graves Concern." When a former navy pilot and UAP whistleblower visits the ranch, an incredible event takes place that leaves the entire team in disbelief.

"Smoking Gun" Andy and Paul return to a Colorado cattle ranch that has had 16 mutilations over the last 25 years and features a mysterious bridge that may contain a dimensional portal, uncovering shocking scientific evidence that ties directly to Skinwalker Ranch.

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The team pondered why the green lines were broken. But, recall the donut-shaped GPR findings in the triangle? If this were a circular donut shape, it would cut the green lines, leave the center-of-the-donut blue beam alone.

This week's episode was thrilling, as usual! The team met two pilots at the local airport. The 2000-foot cone shape on lidar was about a mile wide at the base, going up to a point, that looks like the location where the laser stopped.

They team thinks there could be something physical in the air above the ranch. They are having the pilots fly about a mile above the ranch and circle around at various altitudes while they pump out smoke to try and reveal what is above the ranch.

They set up a high speed camera during experiment (from the triangle) and they scanned for frequencies. Cameron flew in his helicopter overhead with Dragon and Thomas. They kept an eye on the experiment.

Before the beginning of the experiment, 1.6 GHz coming from the skyward antenna near the triangle.

The smoke trail was just white little puffs and wasn't functioning right, not really showing up. As with all experiments, their alternator also clicked off and on. This security issue while the 1.6 GHz was in the same area, made the team concerned for their safety. Oil temperature started acting weird. They relented and decided to go back to the airport. The pilots had tested the smoke disperser beforehand and it worked great, but up in the air - nope. Their oil temp changes were intensely swinging in seconds, but as soon as the pilots headed to the airport, all worked again.

Erik points out that there was something not visualized at the time, but shows up on film - a camera aimed upward at Cameron's helicopter shows a strange dark orb-shaped object that seems to be hanging around, observing the helicopter and making some odd maneuvers.

The team then meets up with their drillers again that are working on the mesa. The team repaired the drill rod that snapped into pieces, een with this powerful drilling unit.

The team was joined by Jay Stratton (UAP task force leader), Ryan Graves, former navy pilot, UAP whistleblower now working in civilian life as executive director of Americans for Safe Airspace.

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Ryan retold his story of pilots seeing UAPS and there was no way to report these things, so they started ASA (above). He reported the UAPs often would show up on radar and they would come up close to them, but still not see them.*

(*This reminds me of Foo Fighters of WWII - ball-shaped objects flying alongside military planes. This kind of observation from unknown objects in the sky - including at nuclear missile sites, has been around a long time).

The team and guests decide to try a new experiment. They are going to launch a number of rockets and utilize thermal and lidar technology.

As Ryan was experienced at reviewing FLIR from being a military pilot, he watched the scans. The rockets coming down were going in odd directions. The Kraken was monitoring a 1.6 GHz signal from triangle to south field. The Kraken finds the source of signals. Southwest of the ranch there is a signal being broadcast.

The team then prepares for next test with rockets. It seemed to go well, but Ryan found a UAP on the screen. Erik confirmed there is nothing on the ADS-B (tracks conventional aircraft on radar). This headed to the mesa in the area other craft were seen entering and exiting the mesa.

"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" decided to go back to Thomas Miller Ranch in Trinidad, Colorado again. It has a history of mutilated cattle over many years. They had found high radiation at the carcasses of past cattle there. They found a highway bridge running through the ranch with 30 crashes and 15 deaths that make no sense in this open rural area. They find huge correlations with Skinwalker Ranch's triangle area.

The researchers want to test the bridge to find out what it is about that area that is a vortex of high strangeness.

The researchers discuss with the ranch owners about a double mutilation site. The couple believes that the one cow that was mutilated was dropped from above atop the other cow, breaking its back. The men decide to look for any anomalies where the mutilations lay. They utilize a spectrum analyzer, HAcK_RF, that allows the team to look for certain frequencies. They come across the 1.6 GHz range and then it stops and then they got a signal at 1.7 GHz and 1.8 GHz (this frequency range is used for earth to space and space to earth communication).

Casey Smith, a Skinwalker veteran and a radiation expert, is brought in. Oretec System is utilized to look at isotopes in an area. It is a great radiation fingerprint system that allows them to know what type of isotopes are causing higher radiation in areas and how they compare to the isotopes at Skinwalker Ranch.

The men took Casey to the double mutilation area. The machine is set up to record for 30 mins. They review the radiation data. Casey showed the Skinwalker data against the Miller Ranch data and Beryllium 7 is an isotope from deep space that falls to earth. It is shown at both ranches. This rare isotope at both locations is intriguing. There is something going on above both ranches.

Andy and Paul decide to call in Pete Kelsey who has used lidar and drones on Skinwalker Ranch. He comes to survey Highway 350 bridge. Pete dispatched the drone to survey. The team studied any 1.6 GHz signals. As soon as the drone goes directly over the bridge, the 1.6 GHz signal shows on the scanner. Pete takes a lidar slam scanner under the bridge to collect data.

Pete shares the data with the Millers (ranch owners) and the team. When talking to the Millers thet last time they visited the ranch, there were 1.7 GHz spikes. This evening, they had a light go out again and same spike.

Another light went out again. And then another. And another. Lights kept going out. They didn't have enough light to shoot. Pete suggests something does not want the data reviewed. The film team had to shift to battery power.

He got underground returns about 100 feet which he shouldn't get. You aren't supsposed to read underground. The pulse is timed to go out and bounce back and there is question whether this involves a time issue. It has only happened at Skinwalker Ranch and the Miller Ranch. They got Photogammetry spectral 3D imaging of the land, but only over the bridge does it project underground. Items shown in the air that shouldn't be there either. At Skinwalker Ranch they also captured in the air a column up in the air. Pete is amazed - these are the only two locations that ever had these oddities.

Andy and Paul were excited to share with the team at Skinwalker Ranch. The lidar is showing time is represented differently than it actually is. Carrying lidar 3 feet from the ground should have had returns fast, these are showing very slow return. Photogrammetry utilizes GPS and it shows a time measurement of time is off on these instruments.

They showed that the radiation testing at Miller Ranch and Skinwalker Ranch totally align. Travis points out that the two graphs have t he same peaks. This "fingerprint" is also in Colorado at the Miller Ranch. Travis asks, where is that radioactive fingerprint coming from at both locations?

My commentary -

I was thrilled to hear the time oddities at both Skinwalker Ranch and the Miller Ranch. The GPS and lidar have showed some odd findings relating to how long it takes for signals to bounce off objects and the timing in which it does it. The finding in "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" of radioactive isotopes revealed Beryllium 7 - an isotope that comes from space and lands on earth.

There can be many places around the earth with these characteristics that no one every noticed and thought to study. But, at the same time, the fact that these locations consistently over periods of time have the same phenomena, reveals that it is location-related. Why? Geology? Resources? Something to do with earth geomagnetism? Once they find out why these locations are unique, they can understand how and what is creating the high strangeness energy there.

Well done, gentlemen!

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Review: The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 5 Episode 8 and Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2024)


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